Plans for Men and Women

Looking to get in shape but a month is all you got?
because MZA has you covered, The goal is of your choice, the plan will be set According to you and your lifestyle.

  • Meal Plans with Macros
  • Workout Guide
  • Core Guide
  • Workout Clips
  • Zoom Checkins

Ideal for people looking to start
up with a new plan and routine for themselves.

AED 300/4 Week Get Started

This plan would give me more time to work with you in order to turn your goal physique into a reality.

AED 500/6 Week Get Started

For more advanced individuals who are looking to work with me and ehance their physique to a whole other level.

AED 700/8 Week Get Started

Limited client section, only for people that are looking to work seriously on completely changing their physique.

AED 900/10 Week Get Started